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A premium and state of the art web development and applications development company, StepforAdder offers total and complete E-commerce solutions that include B2B, B2C, B2E, C2B and C2C solutions.

We live in a world that is forever evolving in the way transactions are conducted. Since electronic commerce thrives on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, supply chain management, online transaction processing, inventory management, internet marketing and much more, it is imperative to have the right solutions designed for your business to grow. For all these reasons it is best to have an easy to use, highly secure and encrypted and feature-rich E-commerce solution. The blend of all this is will help-

  • To Boost Your Sales and Business creating an upward trend.
  • Create a sustainability model for the future
  • To stay one step ahead of your
  • To create a strong and loyal pool of customerscompetition
  • To make business transactions and operations easier for you
How do we help you benefit from E-commerce?

StepforAdder is fully equipped with highly trained software professionals who use the latest technologies to give you a state of art E-commerce solution. In hunting for the right e-commerce solutions, most businesses end up having an overdose of analysis. Our E-commerce solution allows you to get the site hosted as well as integrated it in a well-organized. To make things easier for you, we offer customized e-commerce solution on Woocommerce and Magento platform.

  • We help you to save yourself the agony of building an entire online store without worrying about codes and technicalities.
  • We manage every aspect of your business back-end and all the technicalities pertaining to running a website. It is as simple as signing up for our services and we provide you the framework to build your own store immediately.
  • We help you to utilise your time and allocate it better by investing in further business strategies, expanding the business, sales and marketing, etc.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals are available nearly 24/7 to offer you support, lest you need anything.
  • Irrespective of your geographic location, our maintenance and continuous support helps the customer have a pleasant experience on your website.
  • Our Packages are custom designed as per your specifications.
  • Integrate online payment methods and channels, to make it easier for you as well as your clients and customers.

We raise the bar of our services with easy cloud integration, analysis of big data generated through online internet traffic as a way to analyse buyer behaviour and fine tune strategies that get you the result you require. Since each customer is different, we customize solutions aligned with your objectives and end purpose. We use OScommerce, OpenCart, Magento keeping suitability in mind, ease of use and features that entrance customers and motivate them to become regular visitors. With multiple e-stores opening nearly every day and every store expanding their business online, E-commerce is what dictates terms of sales and point of customer satisfaction.

Think E-Commerce Solutions, Think StepforAdder!