6 Tips to consider while you hire android developer

[trx_image url=”https://www.stepforadder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/tips-hire-android-developer.png” shape=”square”]Android, with its widest reach has become the most popular platform for mobile application development. With the variety of messaging, gaming, music and other various user friendly applications android is now the fastest growing app development market.

As per increase in the number of Smartphone users, many companies have started their own android app development services or are looking to hire android developer to build apps for their company. For this, there are some tips you should know before hiring any application developer.

Factors to keep in mind before you hire android developer

Experience – What makes an android developer best to hire is his professional experience in the industry. Experience is an important factor so that your android developer can build effective and dedicated apps. You must know about the previous experience of the developer in the application development industry to make sure he will bestow the best android apps for your company.

Portfolio – If the developer you are hiring has experience in previous industry than go through the samples of the application that is built by him. Reference of the application which is developed by him will give you better idea of his work before you hire him for your company.

Innovative – Many developers can make an update version of an app that already exists in the market, but in order to be successful your app must contain innovative concept. To develop new innovative and successful application your android developer must be creative and innovative.

Work as per the company’s goal – A good android developer is one who can work according to the traits of your business. His modified android apps should be dedicated towards the requirements of client to maintain the company’s pride. The apps that he makes should satisfy the need of company and client.

Good learner – Android keep its version updated time to time. Your android developer must have ability to learn to work with new feature and to give excellent results. He should have capability to work with innovative ideas with the skill of learning new things.

Capable of working in a team – Android development is a team work of many professional application developers. Building any app individually is something that becomes complicated hence; an android developer should know how to coordinate with the team and should know his role and responsibility as a member of that team.