Latest Google Panda Update 4.2, Rolls Out

On July 28, Google rolled out its latest Panda update 4.2. The main focus of this update is no different from the previous updates. This Google Panda algorithm update will also advantage and punishes sites on the basis of the basis of their content quality.

The first time when the Google Panda algorithm introduced was back in 2011 and till date, there are around 30 Panda algorithm updates that Google has released in pursuit to make their search results better for the users. All these Updates main aim is to stop sites that with poor quality content and give a way to sites with good quality content in Google’s search results.

With this latest Google Panda Update 4.2, Google again made some improvements in its algorithm and tried to bring high quality content websites at top in its search results. Although this update is quite slow and has impacted only 2-3% of English language queries. Like all other Panda updates, this will also give some sites new opportunities while new penalty for others. From Google, there are no in deep descriptions about this latest update like how it will affect and other factors but Google’s Gary Illyes has confirmed it so no doubt in its existence.

Before this update, the last update was identified in September 2014 which was 4.1. This update was created to look at factors that help in identifying low-quality contents from search results and help smaller site to rank better in search results. According to a recent report, there this 2-3% of query impact is not small; 2-3% means that approximately 36 million search queries will be affected.

This new Google Panda Update 4.2 is good for website owners whose site was penalized by the previous 4.1 Panda update as now they have a chance to make the right alteration in their sites and go up in rankings.